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What is Remote Learning?

Remote Learning provides an opportunity for children and teachers to remain connected and engaged with teaching and learning while working from their homes.


What do we use for Remote Learning?


We use a platform called Seesaw to support with remote learning. This app stands as a simple communication tool between parents and teachers. Each child is provided with their own learning journal and teachers are able to assign activities and provide feedback and comments on the children’s work.


How do I connect to Seesaw?


In order to complete activities at home, children will need access to the Seesaw 'Class App' or they will need to sign in as a student using the link below. Each child will be given a 12-digit code which will give them access to their own personal Seesaw account. 


For families who have questions about using Seesaw, please find a family FAQ guide for remote learning below. If you need any further information please ring school on 0191 286 9324 or send an email to

What is Seesaw? Introduction For Families