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Tips for Online Safety

Talk to your child about what they do online. Find out what sites they like to visit and what activities they like to take part in. If you understand what they do online, you will be more likely to spot any problems.


Keep up to date with changes online. Has your child started using a new app? Have they started communicating with other in a different way?  It’s important you keep up to date with what is happening on the internet, as your child will be learning new skills all the time.


Set boundaries. Put a limit on what your child is allowed to do online and for how long each day.


Keep all the internet equipment in a family space. For children of primary age, it is important that a computer is kept in a family area so you can see what they are looking at, in case some inappropriate comes up.


Know all the devices your child has. Children can connect to the internet in so many different ways. It’s important you know which devices connect because these days even televisions can be connected to the internet.


Use parental controls on devices.  Using  blocks on certain channels, or password protecting devices can help you control content and the amount of time that children play online.  If you are unsure how to set these controls, your internet service provider will help you.