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Sensory and Physical Needs

  • Hearing Impairment (HI)
  • Visual Impairment  (VI)
  • Multi-sensory impairment 
  • Physical Disabilities
  • Medical Needs



  • All teachers have received training and use the Newcastle Mainstream Guidance in supporting the needs of all pupils with sensory and physical difficulties.


  • Staff have also attended the sensational classroom training which is delivered by Occupational Therapists.  


  • Staff work with specialists from outside of school such as Occupational Therapists and the Local Authorities Sensory Impaired Service and advice and guidance is acted upon to ensure barriers to success are reduced or removed.
  • Advice, guidance and training from specialists outside of school are acted upon to respond to children who have significant medical needs.
  • Access to strategies and programmes to support Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy.
  • Small group or 1:1 targeted intervention programmes are delivered to pupils to improve skills.  Staff operate both a fine and a gross motor skills intervention for both KS1 and KS2 pupils.
  • Pupils also access interventions such as listening skills (to support their ability to organise information) and follow the Teadorescu (Write from the Start) programme.
  • Where appropriate we provide support and aids to ensure access to the curriculum and develop independent learning, including resources to support fine and gross motor skills and alternative ways of recording.
  • We use transition to support pupils to make a smooth transfer between age phases and successfully prepare for adulthood.
  • A designated medical officer who regularly checks medical records and ensures staff understand and apply the medicine administration policy.
  • Staff seek and act on advice and guidance for pupils who have significant medical needs.
  • Our staff understand and apply the medicine administration policy.
  • Staff provide support with personal and intimate care if and when needed.
  • Designated first aid trained staff are assigned to break, lunch times, trips etc.
  • Support is offered to families and they are introduced to services and organisations which may offer support and advice where appropriate.
  • The school makes every effort to be as accessible as possible, for example, lifts, disabled toilet facilities and shower facilities etc. for further information please see the Disability Equality Access Policy. Entrances to the school allow wheelchair access.
  • Stair lifts are provided to access most areas of school.
  • Classroom are relocated to meet access needs when required.
  • The school has disabled toilets/facilities.
  • Our sensory room offers a therapeutic approach for children with a range of difficulties. The room is furnished with specific sensory equipment and activities, to benefit specific sensory processing difficulties.


 Updated October 2021