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Local Authority Review of the ARPS

In a recent review (October 2019), conducted by Alan Carrick (SEN Adviser) and Claire Miller (SENTASS Team Leader), the following evidence was reported:


• The ARC staff, mainstream colleagues and pupils are exceptionally positive about the ARC provision.
• The teacher in charge of the ARC evaluation of provision in school was developmental, reflective and well supported by evidence.
• Evidence, including observations of practice in the ARC base and in mainstream settings, and discussions with staff and pupils, validated judgements that the provision for pupils with SEN is excellent, which reaffirms the findings of the whole-school SEN review carried out earlier in the year.
• ARC learners who have developed the ability to cope with mainstream lessons (with or without support) are included in their year class.
• ARC learners are able to access a full curriculum through the ARC base and mainstream school, which are offered to each learner in combination differentiated by ability
• There is a clear ethos that the purpose of the ARC is to prepare children for mainstream inclusion wherever possible.
• Teaching is a particular strength of the ARC and of the school as a whole.
• The support observations confirmed that there is a purposeful, inclusive and calm learning environment with staff teaching as a team and meeting the needs of all pupils.
• Parental involvement is equitable with other families and is not only focused upon the child’s SEN.
• There is an extremely well-developed relationship between all staff and children, between ARC staff and mainstream staff, and between school and home which allows for and supports excellent communication.


Other areas of strength identified were:


• The organisation and management of the ARC and the progress of the pupils.
• Stimulating lessons which can, at the correct times, be fun and vibrant or calm and reflective.
• The dedication of all staff and the desire matched to leadership support for inclusion and progress and staff ability to make this happen to ensure all pupils succeed.
• The comprehensive delivery of the curriculum and the genuinely integrated lesson arrangements for learning and behaviour, which is also recognised by the pupils.
• ARC staff feel valued and are included in the same way as all school staff.
• When observed in class and when talking to adults, pupil confidence was apparent. 
• Excellent progress in helping children to reintegrate with their peers.