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Developmental Language Disorder

Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) 


DLD is a significant difficulty learning, understanding, and using spoken language.  This condition goes by many names: expressive-receptive language disorder, specific language impairment, speech-language impairment, and language delay among them.


Five things you need to know about DLD: 

1. DLD is a hidden disability. People with DLD make more errors or use simpler sentences or even have trouble organising a conversation. These problems are not always obvious to the non-specialist.

2. DLD emerges in early childhood but persists into adulthood.

3. DLD affects people around the world, no matter the language spoken.

4. DLD is common. In one study, 1 in 14 children demonstrated symptoms of DLD.

5. DLD matters. It can affect social and emotional well-being as well as success at school and work.