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Social Emotional Mental Health ARP




To offer a place where your child can flourish in a small group with adults who have an expertise in dealing with behavioural, emotional, social and mental health difficulties. We aim to facilitate the appropriate  school placement of your child within two years by providing a continuum of specialist provision extending from individual  and small group support to inclusion in mainstream classes.




  •  To be a happy, supportive and nurturing environment where we all try our best.
  •  To treat each other with respect, kindness and good manners.
  •  To develop independent learning by promoting self– belief and confidence.
  •  To ensure high achievement and attainment in your child’s learning.
  •  To celebrate the success and achievements of everyone in our school community.
  •  To provide effective approaches to help your child modify their behaviour, attitude to learning and social interactions with a view to reintegrate into mainstream education wherever possible.


To find out more about the SEMH ArP follow our blog by clicking this link Class 9 Blog or click the link below to find out about our ARP. Thank you.