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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy About How Children Learn


  • Actively involve the children in their own learning – following their interests.

  • We must provide the best learning environment we can.

  • Consistent daily routine.

  • Facilitate and support children’s depth of learning, by ensuring the interaction between the children and adults is varied, appropriate, consistent and stimulating.

  • Provide challenge for the children.

  • Making time to connect with children and observe them to refine efforts and support the learning more effectively – making planning and assessment more rigorous and dynamic.

  • Recognise families as partners in their children’s education, who offer unique cultural experience and need to be involved in the curriculum.

  • Staff must be part of the current thinking and research into Early Years Education, aspire to the highest standards and access training to promote this.



The natural way for young children to learn is through play! 

At Cheviot, play is at the heart of our children’s Early Years’ experience!